Stainless Steel Drapery Rod – Wall Mount

Stainless Steel Drapery Rod – Wall Mount


Using technology used on ocean going yachts, our STAINLESS STEEL Drapery – Wall Mount systems are ideal for Outdoor Draperies and Curtains. The WALL MOUNT rod will be installed between on a wall or beam that is on the vertical plane. If the rod is more than 96″, we will supply a bracket that will support the rod in the center, either from above or on a vertical plane. Ideal for both pleated and grommets style drapery and allows for extra stacking space. Stylish and easy to install. Will last for years.

Rustproof 304 stainless steel
Impervious to SALT SEA AIR
Identical hardware we use on ocean going yachts
Super strong and will not bow if bracket to bracket span does not exceed 84″
We supply Stainless Steel Screws to install



Stainless Steel Drapery Rod – Wall Mount, Rustproof, Passivated Stainless Steel
Resistant to sea water corrosion
Identical hardware we use on ocean going yachts
Super strong and will not bow if bracket to bracket span does not exceed 84″
We supply stainless Steel Screws

Stainless Steel Drapery Rod – Wall Mount – Ideal for humid and moist conditions.

Our stainless steel products are the right answer for areas that are exposed to extreme humidity and salt air conditions. By using the correct stainless steel drapery rods, you will obviate the need to replace as you would with a regular steel rod. Ifv yu know in advance that you live in an area where steel easily rusts, do yourself a favor and  do the job right from the start. There is a misconception that stainless steel is way more expensive than regular steel, but you will be surprised to hear that our stainless steel wall mount drapery rods an brackets are very close in price to our regular powder coated steel.

Please give us a call so we can help you design your project and give you expert advice. We have many years experience manufacturing stainless steel hardware and  therefore we can make the process very simple and ensure that you order the right length and bracket combination to cover the opening. In addition we can give you a drawing of the area you are planning at no cost.

Note:  Stainless steel should not rust

However if it comes in contact with ferrous metal like regular iron or steel, the rust from a ferrous metal will transfer to the stainless steel. We supply stainless steel screws which must be used and take care to avoid contact to untreated metal. Some imported draperies used metal grommets that corrode on contact with stainless steel. Our drapery panels use either Nickel plated brass or painted brass grommets that will not effect the stainless steel.

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Click for more information on <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stainless_steel”>STAINLESS STEEL</a> [ This link will take you to the Wikipedia Site]

Additional information

Dimensions 96 x 4 x 4 in


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