About us

What started out as two people with a shared passion for design and color has grown into Plumridge, Inc., a company dedicated to bringing the beauty and textures of sustainable silk fabrics and Sunbrella outdoor fabrics to all forms of living environments.

Kit Plumridge is a Los Angeles artist with 40 years of experience in the textiles industry. His unique combination of creative artistry and problem solving give him a keen sense of how color and form will work in a room.

With a background in both public relations and color and design, Megan Plumridge keeps the company running smoothly and takes great care to ensure that customer service remains a priority.

Kit and Megan will take whatever steps necessary to help their customers achieve their vision, including creative consultations and complimentary drawings whenever helpful. Because of their exceptional customer service, they take great pride in the ongoing relationships they have maintained with many of their clients.