Ivory-silk dupioni-fabric-5002

Silk Dupioni Fabric – Ivory 5002


Silk Dupioni Fabric – Ivory 5002 is a light ivory shade. Please order a swatch to experience the slub and texture of the fabric.

Silk DUPIONI SOLID handwoven silk using pure dupioni yarns from double nested cocoons gives this fabric it’s texture and beauty.

CONTENT : Pure Sustainable Silk – Handloom 2 Ply Yarn
WIDTH : 54 in. (137cm)
MINIMUMS: 1 yard


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Item #: Silk Dupioni Fabric – Ivory 5002
Type: Indoor Drapery, Curtain and Furniture Fabric
Content: Pure Sustainable Silk – Handloom 2 Ply Yarn
Width: 54″
Weight: 120 grams per linear yard
Sale Unit: Sold per linear yard [36″ per yard]

Price is per YARD. [36″ Long x 54″ Width]
Minimum is 1 yard.

What is Silk Dupioni?
Silk Dupioni A.K.A. Silk dupione, douppioni or duppionni but correctly pronounced DUPION. The word comes from the French and references the DOUBLE NESTED cocoons that are spun side by side and interlocked and used to make the slubs and nubs that are so characteristic of this fabric.

Our Silk Dupion is hand-spun, hand-dyed and hand-woven on 100 year old wooden looms at a rate of just 4 yards per day. No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacture of this fabric.

PURE SILK DUPIONI is made on HAND LOOMS at a rate of 4 yards per day! We use ORGANIC NEEM as a fertilizer and manufacture SUSTAINABLE Silk Dupioni. Hand reared silkworms, hand spun and woven in the traditional method for millennium

It was discovered that the NEEM TREE was the only living plant not devastated by the Sudanese Locust Plague, in 1957.
We use the seeds and organic compost made from the Neem Tree to fertilize the Mulberry trees that are used to hand rear the Bombyx Morii silk worms. Also by using mostly natural dyes, we create a SUSTAINABLE silk product. Our fabrics are woven in cottage industry and we directly support the families that weave our cloth.

It is hard to beat our QUALITY and we think we have one of the biggest selections of COLOR on line.

Our Silk Dupioni is made ONLY from double nested cocoons. Often the warp and weft of the fabric are hand dyed in 2 DIFFERENT COLORS. This gives the fabric an iridescent appearance and the fabric will change color depending on the angle it is viewed from.

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Dimensions 54 x 1 x 0.5 in