Canvas Duck Rod Pocket Drape

Canvas Duck ROD POCKET Drapes


An easy to install and economical drapery solution is a Canvas Duck ROD POCKET also known as a Pole Pocket Drapery.

Our Handwoven CANVAS DUCK fabrics are perfect for indoor drapery. We only pure silk that are lined and interlined to protect from the sun. Blackout panels are also an option where room darkening is required.

Traditional Styling
Easy install and economical
No rings required
Ideal for outdoor use
Custom made to size

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Cotton Duck Canvas – BLACK
Construction: 1100% Cotton Sanforized [ Pre-Washed], Colorfast, 50,000 Double Rubs
Width: 56 in.
Weight: 8 ounces per linear yard
Sale Unit: Sold per linear yard [36 in. per yard]

Price is per YARD. [36 in. Long x 54 in. Width]
Minimum is 1 yard.

Pre-washed, 1100% COTTON DUCK CANVAS, woven on high speed looms resulting in
a hardy fabric ideal for Drapery, Tablecloths, Bags and Clothing
and artists canvas.

Cotton duck – or simply duck, sometimes duck cloth or duck canvas,
commonly called in.canvas in. outside the textile industry, is a heavy, plain woven cotton fabric.
Duck fabric is woven with 2 yarns together in the warp and a single yarn in the weft.
Cotton duck is a weighty, plain-but-strong woven canvas. Despite its name, this hardy
workwear fabric has nothing to do with waterfowl or their feathers.

The term in. comes from the Dutch word doek, which refers to a linen canvas once used for
sailors’ white trousers and outerwear. The word in.cotton in. has been added to modern duck items simply
to distinguish them from traditional linen duck. Interestingly enough, though, cotton duck is related to
another type of work-ready duck. Duct tape, often called “duck tape”, was originally manufactured by
adding an adhesive backing to regular cotton duck.

Additional information

Dimensions 54 x 1 x 0.5 in


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